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| Statehouse Beat: Money Squirreled Away By State Agencies

The launch of Phase C of wvOasis reminded me of Y2K: after all the hype, the lack of any major complications was a tad disappointing.) n n n Finally, for all the hullabaloo over Democratic Party voter registrations falling (one-tenth of 1 percent) below 50 percent this year, theres a very simple explanation that has nothing to do with seismic shifts in ideology: Beginning in 2008, Democrats opened their primary elections to independent voters. That year, Democrats accounted for about 55.5 percent of registered voters, Republicans, 29.3 percent, and independents, 13.9 percent. Prior to 2008, independents could either sit at home or vote in the Republican primary, which meant they were effectively disenfranchised in those parts of the state where the Democratic primary is the de facto election. Its no wonder the percentage of independents has grown to 21 percent, while Democrats have fallen to 49.9 percent (while Republicans also dropped to 28.7 percent). Independents enjoy the luxury of opting to vote in whichever major party primary has the most significant or interesting races in their particular districts. Unless you have some particularly strong allegiance to one party or another, it simply makes sense to register independent.

Book Review: 'Scar of the Bamboo Leaf' by Sieni A. M. -

Ryler carries scars of his own. Prejudices abound in the small town he lives in, and Ryler dealt with the ignorant and cruel comments in the only way he knows: with his fists. On the cusp of ruining his future prospects for good, his parents send him off to Samoa to a school for troubled teenage boys. One of the school's classes are with Kiva's uncle, whom she ends up assisting, her aunt kept from fulfilling her duties because of an injury. When these two troubled, scarred, and hurting souls meet, they are able to help one another one very small step at a time.

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Governor Lepage: Maine's Growth In Personal Earnings Is A Sign O

Change Your Life with a Personal Growth Group: CHANGES THAT HEAL - Town Square - Lemont, IL Patch

We have fewer government jobs, fewer people on welfare, and we have stopped the growth of Medicaid The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) claims the other five New England states saw higher personal income growth than Maine , but that growth was driven by an increase in welfare benefits, especially in the form of Medicaid expansion. The BEA conceals welfare benefits by calling them "Personal Current Transfer Receipts." These "Transfer Receipts" include: all the way down to Democratic leadership in Augusta believe that redistribution of wealth--taking money from hard-working taxpayers and giving it to a growing number of welfare recipients--is personal income. It's not. It's just more welfare expansion. Democrats can obfuscate the numbers any way they want. The fact is that we have created thousands of jobs, more Mainers are working, and their income is going up." On Tuesday, the U.S.

I dont compare myself to anybody, and applaud whoever, said Laura. Even though fans have missed Lauras face on their TV screens, it looks as though they will be seeing her, and younger sister Gloria Govan-Barnes, read this PSI Seminars back on the small screen very soon. Laura and her sister, who also starred on Basketball Wives, have a more family oriented show in the works. Its going to be family based. I have nine brothers and sisters. So, it will be a lot going on with myself (visit site) PSI Seminars and my family, my parents, our significant others. It will be very interesting! Laura told With four children and a relationship with an NBA veteran, Lauras new show will likely have plenty for fans to watch, and they might learn a little something about fitness, too.

Laura Govan prepping family focused reality TV |

o Do you respect Christian values? o Can you commit to attending every meeting, unless absolutely necessary to miss? Summer schedule: 7:00 pm, Second Thursday evenings of each month (July 10, and August 14, 2014); in September & OctoberWeekly every Thursday night o Can you commit to buying the book, reading appropriate chapters prior to each meeting? If so, please contact Diane by July 9th, at 815 543-8400 or email her at Diane is a Communications professional and has used Dr. Clouds materials since 1989. Our appreciation to our host church, Eastside Church of Christ, 314 Manhattan Road, Joliet 60433. It is at the intersection of Richards St& Manhattan Road.

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'masters Of Sex' Is Throwing Too Many Weighty Issues At The Wall Fabricated results, hidden data: The case for criminalizing research fraud - Yahoo News

In "Blackbird," Lillian DePaul (Julianna Nicholson) commits suicide by overdose because of her metastatic cervical cancer, which is now assaulting her brain; this plot focused heavily on her quiet but warm friendship with Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) and the latter's inability to give up on anything she's committed to, even though Lillian's fate was so clearly sealed. It check this out PSI Seminars also saw Gene (Greg Grunberg) learn that his wife Betty (Annaleigh Ashford), who he knows is a former prostitute, is also a closeted lesbian. It also saw Libby Masters (Caitlin FitzGerald) follow her child's nanny Coral (Keke Palmer) home out of some unspoken fascination with her brother/pent-up sexual frustration engendered by her distant husband. Every single one of these stories is wrestling with issues of social, racial, and sexual tension in the late 1950s and is written with remarkable grace and compassion for its characters. But there simply isn't enough time to give all of it the attention it deserves.

Julia Belluz: So what's worrying you? What's the science fraud landscape look like right now? Zulfiqar Bhutta: To make mistakes in research is part of life. What I'm concerned with is deliberate research fraud which frequently includes financial fraud. We've got global multinationals making up research findings, PSI Seminars or publishing fraudulent information on clinical trials.

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Umb Financial Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2014 Earnings O

Internet Society and Aalto University to Measure and Display Quality of Internet Connections around the World with Netradar App - Yahoo Finance

The average balance of the investment portfolio decreased 2.1 percent year-over-year. Our bias toward shortening the duration of the portfolio, combined with the strategy to rotate into loans further demonstrates our balanced approach toward asset sensitivity while guarding against a continued, sustained low interest rate environment. We believe we are well positioned to benefit in a rising rate environment. Year-to-Date Earnings for the six months ended June 30, 2014, were $58.1 million or $1.30 per share ($1.28 diluted). This is a decrease of $6.8 million, or 10.5 percent, compared to the prior year-to-date earnings of $64.9 million or $1.62 per share ($1.61 diluted). Net interest income for the six months ended June 30, 2014, increased $9.8 million, or 6.1 percent, compared to the same period in 2013.

Smartphone users can download the free Netradar app and contribute their measurements to a global picture of Internet diversity and evolution. Results are displayed on the map at Netradar provides neutral and accurate information about the quality and diversity (in terms of bandwidth and latency) of Internet connections and mobile devices, collected by the end users themselves anonymously around the world. Results are presented on maps of network connectivity and performance. "With Netradar we hope to expose and share some of the network diversity and to study how the Internet is changing. The number of users in developing countries now exceeds those in developed countries.

Human Rights Campaign blasts New York Giants' hiring of David Tyree - ESPN New York

More from The Giants should not have put David Tyree, who has taken a public stance against gay rights, in a position of authority, Dan Graziano writes. Story Tyree, who was hired as the team's director of player development , said in 2011 thathe would trade in his famous Super Bowl helmet catch if it would stop homosexuals from being married. That same year, Tyree also put out a series of tweets saying, "there is no scientific evidence to support the claim of being born gay" and that he has met "former homosexuals." According to the statement from the Human Rights Campaign, Tyree's claim "has been debunked and condemned by every major medical and mental health organization in the country, including the personal growth workshop American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association, and many others." "When did Tyree decide to be straight?" HRC president Chad Griffin asked in the statement. "The idea that someone can change their sexual orientation or gender identity is ludicrous, and the New York Giants are risking their credibility by hiring someone who publicly advocates this junk science. His opposition to basic legal equality aside, David Tyree's proselytizing of such dangerous practices goes against the positive work the Giants organization has done in recent years." The Giants said in a statement Tuesday evening that Tyree "was expressing his personal view, and that is not the view of the Giants organization." [+] Enlarge John David Mercer/USA TODAY Sports David Tyree said in 2011 that he would trade in his famous Super Bowl helmet catch if it would stop homosexuals from being married. Tyree declined to comment on the Human Rights Campaign's statement when contacted by "I don't have any comment about it. I'm just excited to be with the Giants," Tyree said via telephone. Tyree, who was working for the NFL, replaces fellow former Giant Charles Way, who took a job with the NFL a couple of weeks ago.

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Personal Development Precedes Financial Development - Colorado S

psi personal development

Integrity and value lead to being trustworthy . You gain value by demonstrating that you genuinely care about the other person. Whether you are relating to an employee, a customer or your spouse, building a lasting relationship requires being trustworthy. They have to know that you truly care about them as a person first. How do you recognize a person of value? 1. They genuinely listen to you and what you are saying. They pay attention to your words, meaning and body language. They look you in the eye, lean a little bit toward you, and listen more than they talk.

Personal Growth After a Midlife Crisis - AARP

Last year, he resigned from Oracle to devote himself to fundraising and speaking. He's helped raise more than $7 million for the Red Cross; a book is in the works, too. "The crash changed my perspective," he says. "I started scheduling around my family instead of my job." Sanderson experienced a particularly dramatic life event the kind of high-voltage bolt out of the blue that strikes many of us eventually. Midlife is prime time for such jolts: It's the season for sudden job loss, divorce, the deaths of loved ones, and all manner of health scares, disasters and near misses. Hollywood may love a good story about the stereotypical life-changing "midlife crisis" that's brought on by the anxiety of getting older, but research shows that most such crises instead are triggered by external events. Midlife jolts can derail us or they can propel us into reclaiming and remaking our lives.

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